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Marion is a documents factory backend to generate PDF files using a REST API and HTML/CSS templates.

Key concepts

Marion is a Django application that can be integrated to your Django project or deployed to production as a standalone service.

To generate PDF files with styles, first, you will have to write your own document issuer and related HTML/CSS templates in a Django application package. Once your issuer has been installed and configured, you can create a document request using the backend API with your favorite HTTP client (we ❤️ http, but curl is perfectly fine 😉):

# Create a new document using the dummy issuer
$ http POST http://localhost:8000/api/documents/requests/ \
    issuer="marion.certificates.issuers.DummyDocument" \
    context_query='{"fullname": "John Doe"}'

As you may have noticed, you should provide two parameters for this request:

  1. the document issuer for this request (as a python module path), and,
  2. a context_query that will be used by the issuer to resolve the context that will be injected in your HTML/CSS templates to generate a document; think of a context as a Django template context.

If you get lucky, your document has been cooked. It is available for download in the configured MEDIA_ROOT of the Django project Marion has been integrated to. You will find the link to the PDF document in the newly created document request (see the document_url field):

    "document_id": "60593260-2c0f-4c54-88e5-96ae0db06081",
    "document_url": "http://localhost:8000/media/60593260-2c0f-4c54-88e5-96ae0db06081.pdf",
    "context": {
        "fullname": "John Doe",
        "identifier": "60593260-2c0f-4c54-88e5-96ae0db06081"
    "context_query": {
        "fullname": "John Doe"
    "created_on": "2021-03-12T15:48:15.737311Z",
    "issuer": "marion.documents.issuers.DummyDocument",
    "updated_on": "2021-03-12T15:48:15.737336Z",
    "url": "http://localhost:8000/api/documents/requests/b90031a6-dcb4-49d6-ac6c-017030352f33/"

Key takeways

  • Issuer: this keyword designates a particular type of document with its own templates and logic to fetch a context that will be used to create it.
  • Document request: a database entry tracking the context (query) used to generate a document and its download link.
  • Context query: parameters that will be used by an issuer to fetch a context that will be used to compile a document template.
  • Context: all variables that will be used to render document templates (e.g. a Django context).